Affordable Wainscoting Wallpaper

Jun 28th

Good morning friends! This morning we’ll speak about wainscoting wallpaper. Keep reading and enjoy it! Wainscoting are a beautiful definitely architectural element to your home, the wainscoting design adds architectural interest.  It gives texture and a classic look.   But unfortunately it is expensive, also tedious to install. You can still achieve the visual effect with wainscoting wallpaper, though.

wainscoting wallpaper
wainscoting wallpaper

Wainscoting wallpaper is paintable.  You have thousands of color choices.  Plus, you can change your design direction down the road and not have to tear the wallpaper out.  Just paint over the color you fell out of love with.  It is affordable.  It is fairly simple to install.  This was our first time wallpapering and it turned out terrific. With traditional breadboard you’d need to remove your baseboards and trim.  That’s more work.

12 Photos Gallery of: Affordable Wainscoting Wallpaper

Image of: beadboard wainscoting wallpaper
Image of: bedroom wainscoting wallpaper
Image of: Raised wainscoting wallpaper
Image of: wainscoting wallpaper bathroom
Image of: wainscoting wallpaper bedroom
Image of: Kitchens: Cottage Style
Image of: wainscoting wallpaper decor
Image of: wainscoting wallpaper home
Image of: wainscoting wallpaper office
Image of: wainscoting wallpaper photo
Image of: wainscoting wallpaper white
Image of: wainscoting wallpaper

Your wainscoting wallpaper will have a very wide, short bristled brush you can use to “comb” out your paper, gradually moving any bubbles or wrinkles off the side.  Really bad spots may require you to remove part or the entire sheet and start over.  Take your time, as each section becomes the new plumb line for the next sheet.