Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas


Bathroom wainscoting – If you like the look of wood siding, but not sure how to incorporate into your bathing area, which has lots of options. Wainscoting can add texture to the walls and give your bathroom a neat appearance, thanks to its combination of horizontal and vertical straight lines. Bathroom wainscoting can also help a small bathroom look bigger, depending on your color choices.

For a bathroom wainscoting that gives the impression of being immaculately clean and hygienic, opt for bright white in the paneling. Paint the paneling and vertical siding where it ends in the middle of the wall of a high-gloss white, and match it with tile or white marble on the floor.

Bathroom wainscoting, paint the top of the walls a vibrant jewel tone, like emerald, purple or ruby, and then add high brightness white crown moldings on top. Complete the look with the ceiling painting that is several shades lighter, but in the same range as the jewel tone and match the color in your bath towels and carpets. Forget the traditional panels of wood coatings and opt for an edgy look on panels of sheet metal, wood panels. Brushed aluminum copper or add shine to your bathroom and give you an easy to clean surface at the bottom of the walls.

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