Beadboard Bathroom Vanity


Beadboard bathroom vanity – is another style wooden panels is constructed with plates having narrow vertical strips, also known as beads, which flow the length of each panel. It is similar to wood paneling tongue and groove, but it has more texture and seals are generally closer together. Beadboard has a classic look, but can be painted white or dyed a colored wood such as oak, pine or maple for a contemporary environment. A modern vanity with a pedestal base looks attractive eye with beadboard paneling.

For an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcontemporary wood coatings, raised wood panels install in beadboard bathroom vanity. Paint or stain the white wooden panels up to match the walls and vanity. This unified look is modern and visual size of a bathroom expands. To create an artistic design in your bathroom, paint the panels raised a complementary color.

Highlight a bathroom Victorian with white beadboard wainscoting topped by a shelf with a collection of vintage bottles of toilet articles. Country bath shine when surrounding the tub and covered the walls with white beadboard bathroom vanity. For more interest, add a patterned border. Building and storage shelves line with beadboard interiors painted a contrasting color displayed against white towels and accessories.

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