Beadboard Planks Ideas Perfect


Beadboard planks – Whether you are looking for a material to add detail to an accent piece or a historical flavor to your walls, it can do the job. Slatted boards are typically made of wood and often have a tongue and groove construction to hold together. A cheaper way of beadboard panels are made of vinyl.

Add a touch of beadboard to a desk or other piece of home decoration to spice up your home. Install beadboard planks inside your kitchen cabinets to add some rural style, or create a kitchen in the country putting beadboard on the outside of your cabinet doors. Use planks beadboard to cover the top of a dresser or vanity for a unique look, or create a headboard in your bedroom or guest room beadboard.

Get creative beadboard and using an unusual way.

Create a painting or a mirror in one piece of beadboard plank roof or cover into multiple pieces. Add beadboard planks painted in bright colors to liven up the back of a built-in shelving unit, or install beadboard planks around your fireplace for a warm, cozy nook country. For a creative take on beadboard walls, install your wall with alternating colors like a stained beadboard light oak and mahogany tone.

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