Beadboard Walls


Beadboard refers to a form of wood panels, often with carved patterns or designs, which is often half as high or as high, a fraction as the height of the wall. Breadboard originated in Europe in the 18th century and was used primarily as decorative wall detail in informal houses and cottages. However, in the 17th century beadboard it had been used as decorative wall panels in formal federalists and Queen Anne styles. Breadboard installation is a sure way to give your bathroom an elegant –Beadboard Walls

Stand beadboard walls in your bathroom and measure the height you want your breadboard is. Mark the wall with a pencil. Cut your entire breadboard at that height with a hand or power saw. Calculate how many pieces you will need for your bathroom and how long each part to be needed. Cut the breadboard to fit those needs.


beadboard walls lightly with a piece of sandpaper grit 150. Follow it with a piece of sandpaper grit 180. Vacuum all sanding dust. Apply stain the breadboard with a nylon brush 3 inches. Alternatively, priming beadboard a latex primer. Let dry for 2 hours and then apply a coat of latex paint with his brush in the color you want. Breadboard let dry between coats. Apply a zing sag line of wood glue to the back of his pieces breadboard. Press each piece against the wall in their respective places, from the corner of the room. Check each board with a level to make sure it is straight.

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