Best Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand


Corner electric fireplace TV stand – Architecturally, fireplace is usually focal point of a room. Setting up a TV, however, can detract from fireplace if you do it correctly. Instead of fighting for a focal point, merge your TV and fireplace along when you mount a TV above fireplace. Even if your fireplace is set up where you cannot hide TV wires behind wall, there are options to help you hide cables and help to make your fireplace TV installation look clean and professional.

Soot and heat can damage corner electric fireplace TV stand, but this is relatively rare. As long as area around TV is less than 37.8 degrees Celsius, it will not hurt television. Soot damage can be avoided by turning off television set before cleaning fireplace. If unit is on, static from TV attract soot kicked up during cleaning process.

Corner electric fireplace TV stand helps in providing extra space in room; however, it can be a dangerous process. There are factors to consider when you plan to mount a TV. If wall above fireplace is made of plaster, use correct equipment to penetrate studs, according A wall requires anchor bolts securely mount television. Cement anchors will certainly keep television; but some brick fireplace radiates heat that can be harmful to your TV. Finally, it is not recommended to use recessed installation, because it can cause problems with TV overheating.

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