Best and Popular Teak Shower Mat


Teak shower mat are usually absorbent towel-like mats made of cotton or other highly absorbent fibers that are placed on the floor outside the shower or bath; the mats can also be made of slated wood, woven fibers or carpets. Some teak shower mat is intended for use in the shower to reduce accidents caused by slipping and falling. Many teak shower mats are anti-slip backings to prevent injuries on slippery, wet floors.

Absorbent teak shower mat protect the bathroom floor from water exposure. A dripping bather fresh out of the shower creates puddles on the floor surfaces. Water seeps under linoleum or through cracks in tile joints can lead to mold and mildew accumulation. With the aid of a teak shower mat can assist in controlling the amount of water pooling on the bathroom floor. Hang drying the mat over the shower door to the air when it is not in use to eliminate the potential of mildew on the teak shower mat.

Shower stall mats are made of rubber, plastic or silicone and adhere to the shower floor by suction cups or other methods. These mats are equipped to fit a hole around the shower drain and a textured surface which standing feet wet grip helps the mat to the risk of slip and fall reduction in the shower. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says that 25 million accidents occur annually, and falls are the leading cause of injuries. With the aid of a stall teak shower mat may fall on the chance to reduce while showering.

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