Board and Batten Wainscoting Designs Ideas


Board and batten is a traditional style of architecture used on both internal and external projects. Board and batten wainscoting with several wooden planks separated by narrow boards called slats. Board and batten projects can be implemented in virtually any room of the house. The technique of board and batten also makes window treatments shooting style attractive.

A simple style that looks somewhat similar to the flat panel board and batten wainscoting often do not have the standard beveled edges around the central panels. Instead, narrow boards extending vertically between the baseboard and chair rail. Traditionally, vertical boards – called splints – have been designed to hide the seams on the underlying wood paneling. This look works well in homes with a simple and rustic, like those in the Shaker style.

In homes, board and batten wainscoting is commonly used in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms to provide attractive wall treatments. Treat entire walls with the process to provide a New England cottage type feel. Create elegance in dining rooms with the construction of a half-wall with a chair rail. In the bathrooms, the process of board and batten can be used to create an attractive feature wall behind mirrors, sinks and vanity.

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