Corner Curio Cabinet Plans


Corner curio cabinet – A curio cabinet is not just for grandma to save his knick-knacks. Choose from a range of curio cabinet design and aesthetics to build one for yourself that hits and show off your treasures. Whether you choose to pay for plans or use the free ones, are a number of curio cabinet plans for every budget and décor.

Corner curio cabinets.  For a curio cabinet that fits neatly in the corner of your room, use planes, producing a triangular enclosure instead of the traditional rectangle. Build your corner curio cabinet to measure at least 70 inches high, about 30 inches long and 20 inches deep. With these dimensions, it is possible to include at least three triangular shelves at the top and a two-door cabinet closed at the bottom.

If you decide not to draw up the plans themselves, look for online vendors to either free or paid plans. For example, offers plans for a small cost, which includes step by step instructions, a materials list, diagrams and drawings and full-size patterns and images. Better Homes and Gardens offers free corner curio cabinet plans and Dale Austin free online plans for a corner cabinet can also fit the bill.

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