Create Yellow Accent Chair Ideas


Yellow accent chair – Color creates atmosphere. Color combinations creates subtle, relaxing environments or vibrant and energetic. Decorate our house falls into this idea. Once you choose a color for the walls of a room, we have to accent the furniture, accessories and decorations with contrasting or complementary colors. By choosing an accent to go with a royal blue chair color coordinates using the theory of the basic colors and a color wheel.

Use a color wheel to find complementary colors to accent royal blue. Choose shades of yellow accent chair or red as primary colors that coordinate with the royal blue. Consider the secondary colors connected as purple, orange and green.

Use the color wheel systems to adds a pillow, throw blanket or stuffed animal on the chair as an accent piece. Select an old style rabbit toy, hand-stitched dark purple velvet to position the chair. Place a lemon yellow accent chair decorative pillow in the corner of the chair. Drape a blanket of small, medium and woven around shooting threads of green and royal blue on the back of the chair. Coordinates the chair royal blue with the colors of the walls. Paint the walls a deep golden color and accent the room with gold draperies. Place the royal blue chair near a window. Put a pillow on the chair in a similar fabric as the curtains.

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