The Creation Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelf


Reclaimed wood floating shelf – The creation of decorative shelves is a quick and easy way to customize the decor of your home. People often display prized possessions and treasured artifacts or use them as convenient storage space for kitchen spices or cooking utensils. It’s a simple question, but to go a step further and use your method to display these elements as a design statement. Decorative shelves enhance the appearance of what they show and bring a twist of the concept of boring shelf installation.

Reclaimed wood floating shelf is an easy shelf arrangement to create and just include dismantling an old bookcase, closet or dresser to provide new shelf planks. The furniture that can be salvaged from an attic or garage, or purchased from a thrift store or garage sale. Not only this option saves you money on expensive store-bought shelves, but it also makes your shelf creation differently than others.

A picture frame reclaimed wood floating shelf is a group of shelves set within outside the framework of an image. This modern shelf can be purchased fully established or created in the home of a decorative frame and shelf planks. Individual frame boxes can be placed on the wall in a group to create a gallery that shows valued objects as if they are works of art.

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