How to Decorate With Wainscot Paneling


Wainscot paneling – panels are made to look like groove boards and individual tab. Paneling panels is less expensive and easier to install than individual boards. The panels normally come with the motherboard and attached lid molding. Remove the edge of the motherboard and the trim of the windows with a crowbar and remove the switch and the light output covers located where you are installing the panel paneling. Attach the screws to the outlet and light switch covers the back covers to prevent losing them.

Measure the position of outlets, light switches and windows in the wall where you are installing panels paneling and transfer these measurements to the wooden siding. Cut outlets, light switches and windows as marked on the wainscot paneling, with a handsaw.

Apply generously construction adhesive to the back panel paneling and put in place on the wall. Apply adhesive to the next panel and buttocks hard against the first. Continue until the wainscot paneling are in place. Replace outlet covers and light switch covers. Return the window trim using finishing nails to nail in place. Countersink nails with the nail set and putty the holes. Touch up paint or stain so that the nails do not show.

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