Decorate with Wainscot Bathroom


Wainscot is a type of panel which is most often used to decorate the bottom of wall. Usually male and female that fit format. Decorated with wainscot bathroom is great way to add architectural interest, without the need for reform. Furthermore, paneling is cheap and easy to install.

Look popular for wainscot bathroom,

is made covering all the walls with panels, reaching about 1 meter high. White is the most commonly used color in bathrooms. Above the wainscoting, paint the walls with cool color, like soft beige or pale blue. To really make the walls and wainscoting to underline, add frames on the walls where they meet the ceiling and above the wainscoting. If your bathroom is larger, you might also consider completely cover a wall with wainscoting.

There are other ways in which you can use wainscot bathroom. Apply paneling on the outside of the tub to give it a custom look. Place a section of 60 square centimeters paneling behind your mirror, centralizing it. You can even add wainscoting on the ceiling. If you have outdated or just plain ugly tiles in your bathroom walls, you can easily cover them with wainscoting. Finally, add wainscoting in front of the bathroom cabinet doors to give them more modern look.

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