Definition of What is Beadboard


What is beadboard is defined as a type of panels it is overlaid with a number of separate grooves. Classically, it is installed so that the slots run vertically, creating a striped effect or panels, although people can also put in beadboard along a horizontal axis. This style panels began to appear in 1800, and became very popular. Traditionally, beadboard is performed only partially a paneled wall like, and can also be run along a ceiling.

Associated with what is beadboard, there are two different styles of beadboard. The traditional style consists of tongue and groove boards that fit. Beadboard panels are a solid sheet of wood that has been crafted with the slots associated with the model. It is cheaper and easier to install than traditional tongue and groove panels, but some people think it is not so pleasant.

Continuation about what is beadboard; beadboard can be left unfinished or lightly stained, depending on the design scheme and wood, allowing people to see the natural grain of the wood, or can be painted. Light woods left with a natural finish can make a room feel more interesting and warm, although dark woods tend to darken a room. Painted panels have a very clean, classic look that some people like.

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