DIY Floating Frames with Adhesive Mount


Floating frames – can display photos on your wall, while creating a dramatic effect. Pictures inside floating frames sandwiched between two clear sheets of glass. The frames can mount on a wall or tabletop. Interior designers take the accessory by adding documents, illustrations, photographs and postcards to the display frame. The contemporary, stylish frame makes any photo look good, as it seems to float in the air.

Put your picture on the edge of a flat surface such as a table; place a sheet of glass on top. Center the glass plate. Keep the glass to the image at the bottom of the frame, with acid free tape hinged or pivoted tissue. Fold the attached photo frame and upside down, place the glass framed backing board behind it. Place the glass acted in the floating frames; attach the frame on your wall.

Apply wet glue or confirm the center of a glass plate. Place your photo or artwork on the glass and rub it down from its center toward the edges using your hand. Allow to dry the frame plate up to 24 hours before using it in the image. Hang the floating frames once dry on the wall. See the result, that so awesome.

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