Floating Bedside Table Nightstands


Floating bedside table – Design of bedroom furniture has come a long way from the classic wooden beds are large and elaborately decorated models typical for 90s. Now designers are inspired by exotic cultures and nature. What comes out of this? You will find a very elegant design, sophisticated and functional furniture for this room of the house.

Floating bedside table is one of the major trends in furniture design bedroom furniture. It is characterized by fine lines and clean-cut geometric shapes. Elegance comes from simplicity. In addition to being your room decoration, floating bedside table also can you make as places of storage of your belongings.

Floating bedside table can also create the room a more harmony. There are models that have legs, but it managed to “hidden” so the further away from the edge of the table appears to be floating in the room. The fact that sleep has a minimalist design does not mean that they are not functional. On the contrary, there are many models that come with storage drawers underneath. Floating bedside table is also based on the idea that reigns over the design minimalist bedroom furniture. You’ll find pieces with straight lines elegant and without any decorative ornaments. The aim designers’ for decorative accents come from the actual design and shape.



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