Floating Shelves Wood is Very Nice


Floating shelves – With shelves of floating wood have double advantage:  on one hand, these allow us to give a touch of personality when decorating every room of house and on other hand; we offer storage space on wall which it will be most useful, especially if we have very little room or rooms are very small. You can save space in a small bathroom, living room or bedroom.

Floating shelves are visually very nice as have an ethereal effect that seems as suspended on wall. This is because anchors are hidden in wall and optical sensation is as if floating. Key to these shelves is that if there is only fastening hardware not seen, are hidden between wall and same shelf.

There are different ways to install floating shelves, one of most common e s using a rail that attaches to wall and where rods or expansive wedges are fixed inside wall that anchor ledge as you can see in photograph. Form of installation depends on weight that we put on shelves. If you need a shelf to support more weight for example in kitchen you can use wooden beams every five or ten centimeters that will keep firm shelf. Yet for large weights it suits you best use a shelf or shelves with brackets.

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