Great Ideas of Beadboard Bathroom


Decorate your bathroom walls from floor to ceiling with beadboard bathroom panels. Covering damaged plaster walls or old wallpaper is a decorative beadboard panel’s solution that will both camouflage and update the design of your bathroom.

Beadboard panels hang on a wall in a bathroom to create accent wall. Beadboard adds texture and dimension to space; paint the darker or lighter than the other walls of your bathroom to enhance the role of accent panels.

Another idea for the use of beadboard bathroom is to place the panels in the bottom half to three quarters of one or more walls to create wood paneling. Attach decorative molding horizontally at the top of the beadboard to limit the design panel.

Covering roof bath with beadboard panels to hide imperfections or obsolete design options, like popcorn. Install beadboard panels on the walls or ceiling panel’s size coat and nails. The next ideas is add detail friction at cabinet, flat doors fitted with beadboard accents. Cut a beadboard panel to fit their central bathroom cabinet doors and drawer fronts, panels and secure with glue.

Frame a flat mirror with a beadboard bathroom backing to create a distinctive design to your bathroom mirror. Cut the beadboard with decorative elements to complete the picture panel.

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