Great Ideas to Place Wall Ledge Shelves


Wall ledge shelves – Wall shelves come in a variety of materials. Examples include wood, metal and glass. With a little crown molding and a few tools, you can make your own shelves that reflect their tastes and personality decoration. In addition to its design, how and where to place the shelves determines the visual impact it will have on your home. Symmetry creates a balanced look to any space. For example, flanking both sides of your kitchen cabinets with open shelves breaks the monotony of the look without detracting from the overall visual cohesion.

Random placement wall ledge shelves create an abstract look in space. Because it keeps your eyes moving around can help a smaller wall appear larger, even when covered shelves. Examples include the use of a long bottom shelf to set a large picture in the placement of shelves and smaller random above it to show smaller works by the same artist.

Doors and windows frame on each side with symmetrical or asymmetrical shelves, and anchor the top of the covers with a solid platform long. Floating shelves in front of large windows and other focal points draw eyes to their characteristics, as well as provide additional space for viewing.

Place your wall ledge shelves artistic abstract shapes to add impact to a room. For example, hang a wooden shelf sideways on a vertical angle, and attach a clear platform to the bottom of horizontally. Stack of books on the shelf with their funds clear that the wooden shelf faces to give the illusion that the books are all sitting sideways on the wall.

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