How to Care with Rattan Accent Chair


Rattan accent chair is a popular choice for patio furniture. Weaving vines, grass and flexible branches on furniture or accessories beauty makes it sturdy and durable. Wicker looks beautiful in both indoor and outdoor environments. Furniture give any area a casual, tropical look and will last for years if given proper care. Wicker furniture can have a natural, dyed or painted finish. Will enhance your patio or gazebo and provide comfortable seating for your friends, family and neighbors.

Dust rattan accent chair furniture about once a week to remove dust that can turn into dust or dirt when exposed to rain. Alternatively, use an attachment of your vacuum to remove dust particles. Remove debris trapped in the fabric of rattan accent chair with a toothbrush or other brush.

Wash your rattan accent chair furniture periodically (about once a month) with mild liquid dishwashing soap and water and a damp sponge. Rinse thoroughly with a water hose or other damp sponge. Let the furniture dry in a sunny area and avoid sitting on it before it is completely dry. Spots grimy buildup Scrub or scrub with a brush and soapy water. Rinse the background wicker with a water hose. Place rattan accent chair furniture outdoors in a sunny spot in your garden to ensure complete drying.

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