How to Make Wainscot Panels


Wainscot – Wainscot panels are a beautiful way to enhance the look of a room. There are a variety of wainscot panel designs. Wainscot panels attached to the inside walls and are about 30 inches tall. They are typically topped with a chair rail and provide a method for having two separate colors of the wall. The upper wall may be a color and the wainscot panels may be a different color.

How to make wainscot panels, measure 30 inches from the long side of the four feet by 8 feet backer-board. Then backer-board is thin (1/8 inch thick), compose disc used for a variety of applications. And then the measurement should be so that when cut, there is a 30-inch by 8 foot section. Cut the chair rail to 8-foot sections.

After that to make wainscot panels, does backer board on the bottom half of the wall? If there are floor molding can backer-board rest on top of the casting. If not, place it all the way to the floor. Also use small nails or nail gun to attach the backer board on the wall. And also place the chair rail to sit on top of backer-board and attach it to the wall with nails. Repeat this for the entire wall to be change.

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