How to Painted Wainscoting

Jun 19th

Wood-paneled walls have a perimeter with wood paneling covering the lower part of the wall 3 feet. Wainscoting can present a variety of designs from simple flat panels for relief panels more dimension. After installation of new wood panels or when you want to decorate, paint a wall panel coated walls erected to give rich and vibrant colors. By treating the surface of the wall and the surface of wood paneling in two different areas of painted wainscoting, you can paint finish the project successfully.

The Painted Wainscoting
The Painted Wainscoting

Choose the painted wainscoting color of the wall surface and the surface of wood paneling. Make the game coatings other woodwork in the room, as baseboards, window trim, door trim and crown molding to create a coordinated look. Place the cloth on the floor in front paneling. Load the adjustment brush with angled wall paint and paint around the perimeter of the wall surface to cut in this area.

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Pour the Painted Wainscoting into the paint tray and paint roller load. Apply paint on the wall with paint roller; filling the area inside the perimeter wall is cut. Cover the wall with a thin, even coat of paint. Allow the paint to dry for the recommended time the paint. Apply a second coat of painted wainscoting using the same application method.

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