How to Remodel Bathrooms with Wainscoting


Wainscoting adds old world charm to the bathrooms of today and offers an inexpensive way to hide bad tile, moisture stains and damage to the wall. Before remodeling your bathrooms with wainscoting, decide whether you want to use traditional wood paneling, beadboard or modern fiber made of medium or high density.

Education to remodel bathrooms with wainscoting: shut off the water supply to the sink and toilet. Remove vanity, cabinets, towel and covered output. Measure the width of the walls. Cut offset height of any tile you want to cover with wood paneling. Drill through the stucco and fasten the plywood to the wall with screws.

Draw a horizontal line on the wall at 36-48 cm above the baseboard. Cut the wainscoting or height drawn on the wall. Lay the first piece of wood coating or beadboard in a corner bath, keeping it flush with the side wall and the floor. Fix to the wall with the gun in the top and bottom. Continue around the room.

Overlap the woodwork for measuring angles or miter cut at 450 angles. Secure the chair rail molding over top of wainscoting or beadboard using the nail gun. Attach plinth to the bottom. Finally, to remodel bathrooms with wainscoting, paint or stain the wainscoting.

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