Ideas of Diy Wainscoting


Diy wainscoting, architectural interest is added while acting as a logical focal point in a wall feature. Depending on the type of wood panels using and how much space you are covering, your budget can vary considerably. However, the installation yourself, while it may take some extra time and effort, you will create a nice effect at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional.

For diy wainscoting choose the height you want your paneling to start. The height depends on the height of the ceiling, windows and furniture. Paint or wallpaper your room if desired. It is best to do this before you start installing your paneling to avoid making any make or mess paint on his new paneling. Paint or paper the roof under which the chair rail is installed.

Measure the length of the rail line from the chair to the floor. If you want to keep sockets in place, measure the top of the sockets. If you plan on replacing baseboards, carefully remove the claw end of a hammer or a crowbar. Keep these sockets diy wainscoting as the template for new sockets. Use a stud finder to find the uprights. Install the chair rail to the wall directly into the studs. This ensures stability for wood siding.

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