Ideas for Wainscoting Stairs


The purpose of the wainscoting was hide the lower portion of the wall, and also served to protect the wall from the chairs backup against it. Wall wainscoting can be added to any home, whether old or new construction. Especially wainscoting stairs, it will give them style and character that flat painted walls cannot.

Beadboard use began in the Victorian era. Beadboard consists of narrow boards fitted together with a raised ridge along the seams. Beadboard give any stair look familiar.

Raised panel wainscoting is an old style wood paneling which, according to this old house, dating from colonial times. The edges of the individual panels are beveled in such a way that the center of the panels protrude from the outside. Raised paneling panel can work well as wainscoting stairs.

Overlay panel wainscoting is a style of paneling that is similar to raised panel wainscoting. However, instead of the inner panel being chamfered to look raised, an additional layer has actually been glued to the center of the panel. Overlay panels also work well in stairs.

Board and batten is a style of wood paneling made of boards mounted with strip of wood that covers the seams. It works well as wainscoting stairs, especially in homes that are built in Craftsman style.

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