How to Install DIY Beadboard


Paneling Beadboard is decorative, but also help to hide imperfections on the walls. You can install DIY beadboard with simple tools without the help of professional. Installing your own beadboard will give more options for color and style, as it will be able to customize the look.

Instructions to install DIY beadboard: leave the beadboard for at least 48 hours inside the room where it will install to allow it to reach the same level of temperature and humidity as the room. Apply polyurethane beadboard paneling and let dry. Use level to obtain level line around the room and at the height of the upper face of the beadboard. Cut the beadboard according to your desired height.

Paste the board on the wall, applied in a zigzag pattern on the back of the plate. See the line you drew earlier when the beadboard to the wall is ensured. Hammer beadboard wall panels using nails.

Repeat steps to continue the installation beadboards around your room. Put good side of the table face down and cut to their desired width. Attach the trim DIY beadboard trim right at the top of its paneling and install your motherboard fits the same panels with panels hammering nails. Do the same to install corner moldings.

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