Install Floors Floating Bathroom Vanity


Floating Bathroom Vanity – Fisrt, remove all trim and furniture from the floor. Drawing on the toilet so there is just a drain hole there. Get the floor clean and dry. Second, turn the foam surface along the wall where you want to start. Cutting surface the size of a utility knife. Roll out several surface butting sides of each course to each other and tape the seams with duct tape. Cover the entire floor.

Third steps to install floors floating bathroom vanity: lay floorboards along the starting wall, with the grooved side facing the wall. Fasten the ends together. Put spacers between the boards and the wall so the boards are kept out 1/4 inch from the wall. (This will provide space for the floor to expand.) Cut the end of the last board a miter saw to get it to fit. Fourth, lay the next courses of boards along with the first, with along their sides, snapping them together and work your way across the floor.

Use your jigsaw to cut the boards around the toilet drains and around the curve of the bottom of the tub. Lay all over the floor, leaving the 1/4 inch holes along the walls on all sides, and along the tub. Fifth, set the bowl trim along the bottom of the tub to cover the edge of the floors there. Ensure the vessel trim with silicone caulk. Last, install floor trim in the rest of the room. Tips & Warnings to install floors floating bathroom vanity: wear eye protection when cutting planks.

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