How To Install A Wainscoting Chair Rail Flat?


Steps to install a wainscoting chair flat : Determine the height. Determine the height of the board chair will be resting on top of the wood trim. The height is usually up to waist level, but it’s completely up to you. Generally use heights ranging from 24-48 inches. Use a pencil tape and metric for measuring the height of the room’s walls. Use a level to see if its measures are aligned across the room.

Cut the flat wainscoting chair. The next step is to cut the piano chair, depending on the length you need for each side of the room. If you find that your chair dish is not enough time for the length of one side of the room, what you can do is cut pieces 45 degree angle and connect them together when you are installing.

Put some nails. The nails are what you will use to secure the chair on the wall. Even in this case, use a pencil to mark where the prisoners are. Let equal spaces between the studs for uniformity. It may be better to let the little spaces between the studs that you are sure that the dishes wainscoting chair  will stay in place.

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