Installing Wainscoting Wall Hardboard Siding

Jun 17th

Hard installing wainscoting panels wall panels consist of wooden strips running vertically down the length of the panel. The panels are mounted on the walls, which extends to a point about one third or half the wall height. Installing wainscoting panels responds to a purely decorative purpose, providing a contrast with the paint, plaster or papered surface on which it sits. Use adhesive for initial placement of each panels, and then secure each card in place with nails panels. Set of wall panels plywood frieze in the room where you intend to install 48 hours prior to installing wainscoting to give them time to expand or contract depending on temperature and humidity in the room. This prevents do after installation and causing gaps between panels or arcades.

Picture of installing wainscoting
Picture of installing wainscoting

Installing Wainscoting Is Easier

Measure the height of the panels with a tape measure. Place marks on the wall to measure height with a piece of chalk. Remove the socket on the bottom of the wall with a pry bar. Place the bar between the plate and the wall, then pull the boards of the wall surface, taking care not to put too much pressure on the wall itself, to avoid creating gouges or holes. Set aside for sockets in the panels replacing wood paneling. Put a drop of adhesive through the back panels of the first panel.

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Place the panel against the wall in one corner, with the top of the touch panel of the chalk line. Press the panel against the wall and then run your hands up and down the length of the panel to spread the adhesive. Nail the panel to the wall with siding nails and a hammer, pin placement along the positions of the wall studs with a 6-inch space between each nail. Enjoy! We will like the result.

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