Join Two Pieces of a Corner Closet Rod


Corner closet rod – Some cabinets are wider than the bars longer available for purchase. Fortunately, some bars that are hollow cabinet can be joined by a connector corner closet rod. If your corner closet rod has a hollow center, install bars supported by brackets separately in your closet, lining them up side by side.

If necessary, remove the rubber cap or plastic piece at the end of corner closet rod to expose the hollow inside. Measure the diameter of the rod, and buy a corner closet rod connector to meet their rods. Insert a corner closet rod connector at one end of a closet rod. Push until the bar reaches the center of the connector and cannot go any further. It should be a tight fit, so that the connector is set in place.

Insert the other rod at the other end of the connector. Push the corner closet rod until the center is reached. Measure the distance between the wall and the bar. Purchase a support bracket rod that is of the same length. Install support extra support in the middle where the two bars was connected. The brackets are screwed into the wall and extending outwardly for the rod to rest on. Screw the bracket on a plate, if possible. Otherwise, use an anchor bolt.

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