Make Galant Corner Desk


Galant corner desk – Galant is a multi-user table designed by Ikea. It comes in many different forms, from oval to rectangular shape and even galant corner desk. Galant can be purchased with additional components add length or change the general shape of the table. Even with all the different functions and forms that can take galant, basic installation instructions are basically the same.

Assemble legs. There are two options for the legs, depending on the model galant, you have. One option is a foot-shaped sole galant corner desk on each side of the rectangular frame basis, and other options having two straight legs on each side. The angles formed galant corner desk, leveling legs straight section with an opening on the underside of the cross member. Use the included hex wrench to attach the two parts together with bolts. Screw the two rubber feet to the bottom of the cross member. The legs straight, just to screw-in rubber feet to the bottom, which can be determined by a smaller part of the telescopic legs.

Connect other pieces that you have to frame. Depending on the model may have other pieces connected to a main rectangular frame adapted to the shape galant corner desk or extended length of the table. Other framework for shaped galant corner desk comes in two different styles: those that come from the side of the main rectangular frame, and those that extend from the end of the frame. In both cases, align the guide hole in the side of the frame and using the longer screws that are securing two pieces of the frame.

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