How Much Space is needed for a Corner Banquette?


Corner banquette – Derived from the French “bench”, bring corner banquets restaurant seating in your kitchen. These alternatives chair is built into the wall, or pushed up against a wall. Unlike chairs that requires space behind the chair pushed banquets are slid in from the side, and do not need as much space as chairs around a table. Depth for corner banquette, for narrow a seat will make the person sitting on the banquette feels she falls on the bench. Ideal depth for a banquette is at least 15 inches, but increases the depth, to add thick pads on the back of the banquette, or for those who require larger spaces. Height for corner banquette, Too high or lower tables, the seat of the banquette be 10 inches below the top of the table.

Total space for corner banquettes, a corner banquette can replace two of chairs around a small table.  The pages must be 42 to 60 inches long to accommodate one person per. side, with ample room to slide on the bench.

Other uses corner banquette, Place one in the corner of a small room instead of a sofa to save space. The hinge seats in a corner banquette placed in an entry hall to create a space for sitting and removing shoes and a storage space for umbrellas or sports equipment.

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