How to Paint Beadboard Paneling


Beadboard paneling is a decorative wall covering with a tongue and groove pattern. This textured pattern adds visual interest but complicates the process of painting the woodwork. Care should be taken to paint the inside of the grooves.

Instructions to paint beadboard paneling: clean and dry the paneling. Apply painter’s tape on the edge of the plate paneling if you want to paint the trim a different color. Paint the grooves in a wide section of 2ft from the trim paneling with a brush chip 2-3-inch and the interior latex paint.

Apply the same latex paint on the entire surface with a paint roller of the foam. Continue to paint all the beadboard panels in the first sections the grooves paint with a brush, then painting the surface with a roller. Apply a second layer of paint using a foam paint roller when the first layer is dry.

Peel off the tape when the second coat of paint is dry. Below and above the unpainted trim, apply painter’s tape. Trim paint with a paint roller of the foam. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second coat of paint to the trim. Peel off the tape of the painter on the beadboard paneling when the paint is dry topping.

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