How to Paint Wood Beadboard


Back in the 80s you spent two weekends to introduce this beautiful wood beadboard in your den. Now you wonder what you were thinking, because you have to spend three weekends take down, sanding and repainting the walls. Why not just paint the beadboard and save time for something fun?

Instructions to paint wood beadboard: fill all gouges, messaging holes or cracks with the same color as the wood putty panel. If you have the grooved paneling, you can fill it with joint compound. Sand the filled areas smooth. You will also want to go over the entire surface with fine sandpaper on a sanding block. This will help the bait stick.

Use all-purpose household cleaner and sponge to clean the beadboard. Wipe everything down and do not be afraid to rub. Apply high quality primer alkyd stain. This will keep the color of the real painting and prevent color bleeding through paneling. Choose the best acrylic latex paint you can afford. Apply two coats of paint when the primer is dry.

Tips and warnings to paint wood beadboard: carefully prepare the surface. Flat paints are more difficult to clean; semi-glosses and glosses are more likely to show alterations. Paint better if you cover the primer tinted the same color.

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