Painting Wainscoting Ideas


Decorative wood panels attached to the bottom of the walls of a room are called “wood paneling.” Usually made of beadboard or decorated with raised rectangles made of narrow moldings, wall treatment adds a touch of luxury to decorate a room. Choose decorative painting wainscoting ideas to complement the purpose of the room. For example, bright colors may not be appropriate in a formal dining room, but work well in a child’s bedroom.

Painting wainscoting, Enhance the elegance of a dining room or living room with solid colors. Traditionally, darker colors are used below the chair rail and lighter colors up to the ceiling seem higher. Try using two different shades of the same color, like a deep olive under the railway and pale green above. If your decorating style is contemporary or post-industrial, paint the area below the railway gloss black and the upper white or silver glitter.

Timbers are typically topped by a chair rail, usually from a length of molding that defines the boundary of the front wall. Making the chair rail in the focal point of a room decoration painting wainscoting it a contrasting color bold. A bright red track with the primary colors above and below the completed art deco. Make a lane wider chair with painted wood 1- 4 inches for a country cottage look.

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