Popular Beadboard Furniture


Beadboard is a compressed compound and other woods often used for decorative touches due to the engraved lines along its length. Beadboard be used for many different projects home improvement, as I reviewed your cabinets. Covering the front of the cabinets with beadboard furniture gives character to the gates of flat or otherwise unattractive. This easy solution can be made up in a day and with few supplies.

Measure the size of the cabinets to be coated with a tape measure.use a screwdriver to knock down all the doors is reviewed. beadboard furniture sheets cut with a table saw as measured by the cabinets. Tomes cut in closets to make sure they are properly sized and cut if they are not parts. Grinding the edges of each of the pieces of beadboard. Use sandpaper to get the smooth and rough to the surface a little edge.

Set the beadboard furniture to the fronts of the cabinet doors using nails and a hammer. Fill the holes of the heads of the nails with wood putty. Apply a thin putty around the edge of the cabinet where the door and join the beadboard. This seals them together. Apply a layer of your chosen end to cover the caulk and seal. Let the finish dry for several hours. Replace the cabinet doors. Make sure you put the right doors in each cabinet.

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