Popular Beadboard Vanity


Beadboard or wainscoting is a popular look in the bathrooms. Beadboard or wainscoting can add a sense of warm and charm to your bathroom also can cover up many problems such as damaged drywall or cracked plaster.  But today we’ll speak about beadboard vanity. Beadboard is cheap, easy to install and is available in white, natural or stained any home and local garden center.

There is also more inventive use beadboard vanity. Consider using it on the side of the tub to give your bath a custom look. This looks better if the beadboard continues from the cockpit to the walls.  Finally, try to install it with the lines that run horizontally for a more updated look.

Beside beadboard vanity, another way to decorate with beadboard is completely cover one or more of the walls with the board. Beadboard has thin vertical lines running through it. This gives the appearance of being wall panels, no atmosphere of the 70s this look is best with white beadboard and looks great in bathrooms beach theme, because it evokes the feeling of a beach house. Try one wall and paint the rest of the bathroom (including the roof) pale blue sky.

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