Popular Mdf Wainscoting


Are you to the exciting finishing stages of your project or simply looking for an intriguing way to dress-up your walls? Well, wainscoting may be the answer you are earnestly searching for. Wainscoting is the process of covering the lower portion of a wall with some form of paneling or wallpaper. There are many different types of paneling you can use, and mdf wainscoting is one of the most affordable and easy to work with medium density fiberboard. MDF is manufactured out of waste materials, it is less expensive to produce and quite affordable.

Mdf wainscoting comes in raised panel, flat panel, beadboard, tongue and groove, or wood veneers over MDF. Normally, it comes pre-primed, making it very easy to simply paint a coat of paint, install, and then touch-up the installation marks.

Mdf wainscoting is popular because of its ease to install. All you have to do is first pre-paint your desired color, cut the boards, nail into place with a finish nailer, caulk the holes and seams, and then touch-up paint.  It is very low maintenance as well. Simply repaint as needed, although standard MDF isn’t recommended for use around water sources. For applications around bathrooms or other wet areas, you should consider using special moisture resistant mdf.

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