Popular Types Of Wainscoting


Types of wainscoting is used for beautification of interiors and facades. Generally wainscoting referred to as paneling, a wall- or ceiling coverings of wood. In the wood it can involve relatively thin wooden slats or even to larger wood panels with which a broader range of areas can be boarded. The term paneling but also use in Switzerland, for lining the outer barrel ends of houses. These paneling is made of wood and dressed either only part of the facade or the whole house.

Types of wainscoting are also variants in which products can be used in plastic for covering walls and ceilings. It may be plastic panels, which have different colors or patterns! This allows one to make the space individually.

It does not matter what type of wainscoting, it now is, these boards, slats or panels are always mounted in the same way. This includes first of all, that is criticized on the wall or the ceiling, as well as the exterior façade, a substructure made ​​of wood coatings. These bars should be so screwed that the panels of the wall paneling can be best boarded up on this. Accordingly, a distance of 10 to 20 cm is advisable depending on the trim!

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