Protecting Teak Deck Chairs Wood


Teak deck chairs – Considered the gold standard in outdoor furniture, teak is a rich and durable wood with high resistance to the elements. However, eventually its brightness decreases the fading of a honey brown to a gray ashen hot. In addition to discoloration, cracks typically appear in old teak wood, as a result of natural oxidation process. To preserve the original golden hue of its deck chairs precious teak, you must clean and protect them several times a year.

Protecting teak deck chairs wood, prepare the work area by placing a plastic tarp or a large sheet of plastic under the piece being treated.  Rinse dirt and mold buildup on the surface of their chairs, with warm water and mild detergent. Before repainting the teak furniture, make sure it is completely clean. Lightly rub the stains and dirt between the cracks. Rinse teak to remove any residual detergent. Allow the wood to dry overnight. Apply teak oil with a soft cloth or brush. Allow one to two hours to dry between coats. Apply a layer of teak protector according to the instructions of the Manufacturing.

Seller teak. Teak sealer helps preserve the tone of honey teak, sealing moisture and dirt and natural oils retention. Keep timber sealed by washing and application of a fresh layer of sealant every two to three months. To preserve the appearance of your teak deck chairs by investing in vinyl or canvas covered. Use covers that allow adequate ventilation to prevent mold growth. Teak cover when not in use will protect it from erosion and keep it looking new.

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