Recover a Nailhead Accent Chair


Nailhead accent chair – You find a big old chair in the shop, but needs a facelift. Recovery accent chair with nailhead trim and upholstery fabric high chair bring to life. Fabrics can be found in a wide variety of materials delicate satin strong leather. Wooden poles, or nailhead trim are an economical way to accent chair. The molding is not hard to find at any fabric store and is easy to apply. Remove old nail head trim is easier to remove the staples.

Turn the chair upside down. Remove the nailhead accent chair seat and behind the frame with a screwdriver. Remove the old wooden poles with a lifter tack or flathead screwdriver. Tack elevators can be found in stores hardware upgrades for most or home. Place the new fabric face down on a table or floor. Set the old face cloth over the new fabric. This is how the shape of your chair will be obtained. The old cloth instead of PIN.

Remove and replace the foam underneath if necessary. Spray foam with an adhesive spray. Press the foam seat and back of the chair. Spray adhesive foam. Place wadding on foam. Trim any excess batting. Let dry for 10 seconds. Place the new fabric over the foam and wadding in the back of the chair. Pull the fabric taut and secure it with staples.

Cover the staples with nailhead accent chair trim with a rubber mallet. Space evenly nailhead tacks every 1/8 If you use individual nails. Cover the back of the seat back with new fabric. Turn under the edges, approximately 1/8 inch all around. Glue the edges on the back with fabric glue. The seam can be covered by the adjustment if necessary. Reattach the seat and back of the chair with the original screws and a screwdriver.

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