Refinishing Teak Side Table


Refinishing Teak Side Table – Everything old can be new again with a little spit and polish. Instead of donate or throw out an old teak side table, consider refinishing it. Refinishing involves stripping away the old finish and applies a new spot – a relatively simple job that requires a commitment and some elbow grease. Refinishing gives your teak side tables a new life and save money.

To refinish teak side table the first spread a dust sheet on the floor in a well-ventilated, covered space. Apply varnish remover table starting with the table top, working down the sides and finish with your legs. Brush the paint in long strokes in one direction. Use a scraper or putty knife to remove the finish with sweeping knife in long strokes. Wipe down the table with an old cloth dampened with mineral spirits to remove all residues. Let your table to dry for 24 to 48 hours before starting the next step.

To refinish teak side table sand the table with 120-grit sandpaper to remove any errant debris. Switch to 220 grit sandpaper and sand the whole table until it is smooth to the touch and no remnants of the old finish is visible. Use an old cloth to dust the table of grinding debris and vacuum the area. Fill in nicks or holes, paste filler to the spots with the corner of a cloth or a trowel. Let the paste dry and then gently sand the putty until smooth. Coat the table with sanding sealer; apply sealant in long strokes with a brush. Then allow drying for 24 to 48 hours. Use clean brush to apply the stain, brush evenly in long strokes and in one direction. Allow the stain to dry. Buff the table refinished with a soft cloth. Clear the project by applying a coat of polyurethane or another type of penetrating oil.

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