Reusing Teak Rocking Chair


Teak rocking chair – If you have an old rocker family want to reuse or keep coming through this classic furniture in thrift stores, the right rocker can be a statement piece. Make two key decisions when repurposing the piece: the chair where will your new opportunity in life and personal touches can integrate it into your home.

Come up with a new context for his teak rocking chair.

These oversized chairs are a natural complement for nurseries and children’s rooms, reading rooms, large interior spaces that need an accent piece, and outdoor porches. Find the new context for your piece can help with the rest of the reform. Clean and tidy chair. If you have an old, with peeling paint or stain, remove it. Use sandpaper to strip medium grain finish by hand, or use a paint stripper to remove more intact finish. If screws are loose or armrest, glue wood use to secure them.

Paint your teak rocking chair with a brush. If it comes to going outside, consider using waterproof timber, a stain waterproofing or teak oil to make wood resistant safe. Or use a painting to brighten brightly colored chair. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before proceeding with the makeover of the chair.

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