How to Shaker Beadboard Doors


Beadboard Doors – have a thick wooden frame around small thin boards arranged side by side. Two or more large panels of thin plates are a standard door Shaker. These thinner plates are held together within the frame for slots in the frame, and the boards of the frame are secured with pins to a free end product of metal. A table saw and a drill, along with the expertise to use them safely, are required to complete this project.

Run 3/8-by-5-by-80-inch boards and three Tables 1 3/8-by-5-by-24 inch across a table saw to cut a 1/4-inch slot to along one of the long edges thin, ‘each beadboard doors. Make Slot 1/2-deep and directly inch in the center of a single thin side, over each table and keep the last centimeter of the long tables without slots at each end.

Place the two longer boards and two of the shorter boards in a frame with fluted edges inward. Slide the final short board in place within the framework and leave a space of 36 inches above it and a space of 29 inches below it. Slide seven Tables 1/4-by-3 inch-by-37 in the upper space of the beadboard doors and slide seven Tables 1/4-by-3 inch-by-30 in the lower space of the door.

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