Shaker Style Wainscoting


Shaker is one of the shaker style wainscoting of design original wood paneling. Also known by the name of the board and batten, consisting of floor panels with a layer of wood strips. The result is a view of a hidden panel. You can do this with any kind of wooden panels that you like, or can match the woodwork at home. Place a frieze pattern Shaker style for a wall of 96 inches.

Things to do

Run a bead of construction adhesive around the rear perimeter of the birch plywood 2 inches from the edge. Shaker style wainscoting run two drops of adhesive evenly spaced in the center of the back panel. Place the panel in birch floor against the wall. Press against the wall to break the tail plane. Shoot pin nails space around the perimeter of the plywood 12 inches apart.  Put it on its side on a flat floor panel flush against the edges.

Support them focused on the marks on the edge of the 96-inch piece of alder. Shoot four nails equally spaced pin in the center of the four pieces for attachment to the shaker style wainscoting panel. Shoot four nails pin through the center of each of the separate pieces 12 inches for wall mounting. It should fit snugly between the two external parts.

Talking About Shaker Style Wainscoting, Many people asked How to Install Shaker-Style Wainscot. And we found the answers from, There’s you can find a complete tutorial include what tools and  materials needed to install shaker style wainscot. Diynetwork also guide you with their pictures and 7 step that can’t make you confused.

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