Simple and Affordable Wall Mounted Cube Shelves


Wall mounted cube shelves – Today I bring you an idea practical, simple, affordable and beautiful. It is to decorate with cubes wall, resulting in more dynamic and original ways shelves. You can make cubes or boxes yourself, using wooden panel and then line inside with decorative paper. You can decorate walls with cubes shelves. With them you can get original shelves with dynamic shapes. I leave you with some inspiration.

Wall mounted cube shelves can be lifesavers in a small room. Using these pieces of decoration, a large number of personal items can be displayed in a relatively small area. This helps keep overall space appear cluttered. Use your wall shelves and cubes in a pleasant sight style to create an attractive and useful for your home decor.

Wall mounted cube shelves come in various color and sizes. Opt for a small bucket large, medium and hanging two smaller next to largest, balance space between them. Organize small vases of flowers, miniature statues or other curiosities cubes add some sparkle to room. Make sure all cubes are same color or same color family, in order to draw together. This idea can be used with a large number of cubes to cover more area in a room or provide additional storage space.

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