Steps on How to Install Wainscoting


The addition of a luxurious appearance as wainscoting can give an immediate change inside the house. Paneling refers to wooden panels covering the lower part of a wall surmounted by a rail chair. We can practice how to install wainscoting easily.

Here are how to install wainscoting: choose the design that fits your home. Take the measure of your room to determine the number of panels you should buy. Let wainscoting acclimate with moisture and temperature in one spot. Before starting the installation, clear all switch plates and outlet covers the wall.

Make sure that the top of the pedestal is level across the room. 42½” is a safety measure because the floors are seldom level. Start the installation corner footers with panel adhesive, nails coating or compressor nail gun.

Put seal the openings so that the panels can move with changes in temperature. Caulking should be the same color as the wood trim. Install the baseboard and chair rail then.

It does not take a day to install wainscoting. Work on how to install wainscoting which you might one day at a time, so that the final work will be well polished. It can actually be very exciting to see the finished work, but the Rush would not help.

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