Style of Wainscoting Ceiling


Wainscoting is a classic wood paneling option, traditionally used for walls or chair rails, paneling but is also an intriguing textural treatment for wainscoting ceiling. The thin wood strip panels create a homely beach house at home, even if you live in the plains of the Midwest. Experiment with colors and spacing panel to create a custom design for the roof of his house.

Wainscoting ceiling creates the feeling of a bungalow style house when at low to mid-rise flat roofs is assured. The placement of the strips of wood paneling parallel to the longest wall extends the room and keeps the bright and open space, but placing paneling perpendicular to the longest wall creates the illusion of a smaller cozier space. The shock height of a vaulted ceiling or cathedral is a high selling point for a house, but the height often makes a room feel cold and empty.

Picture frame molding consists of four strips of thin molding that meet at the corners with corner joints for a neat finish. When you put the frame around a panel paneling, an effect of texture that adds visual interest to the wainscoting ceiling it is created. If the roof is great, creating a grid of several panels of square wood panels. Smaller roofs appear larger with a single panel arranged at the center of the ceiling.

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