Sweet Ideas Pine Wainscoting


When living in old houses, enjoy what you have – decades old devices like ironing board and wall treatments such as walls of pine wainscoting. Decorate with knotty pine in the 1950s when it was used for the basement and dens on the floor, and wood is known for its vertical grain speckled with small knots. Woodwork ready a cabin feel to more urban spaces and is something with which to work, not just live.

Enjoy your pine wainscoting in with key accessories and other decorative elements. Think about the theme or idea you want the room to evoke. For casual styles such as shabby chic, rustic country or French, use and end tables furniture in shades of beige and cream. Add touches of color with pink floral pillows for shabby chic bag and pillows grain nubby with red or navy blue stripes for rustic or French.

For hunting cabins or rooms inspired by cabins in Adirondacks, amplify the look with key accessories. View landscape paintings to wood sides on knotty pine walls and wicker furniture draped with blankets camp. Colors that work with pine wainscoting, particularly with orange shades are blue and green. Warm shades of red and yellow will work – but should be used in small doses.

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