Teak Corner Shower Stool Ideas


Teak corner shower stool – Teak is a wood that is naturally found in the eastern hemisphere. It is a hardwood that is known to have excellent resistance to moisture. Teak wood is expensive in the United States because of the distance that has to be sent, but it is preferred to shower benches and other furniture by consumers because of its beautiful appearance. Building a teak shower bench will be more expensive than building a bank like cedar; However, it will cost much less to build your own than it would cost to buy one.

Teak corner shower stool, place two 16 inch boards on edge, parallel and 9 inches apart. Place 9 inch boards between them so they are perpendicular to the teak boards 16 inches, and 14 inches apart. Screw through the 16 inch boards at the ends of the board’s teakwood 9 inches. This is the framework for your teak shower bench.

Teak corner shower stool place the flat frame and the position of the plate’s teakwood 15 inches perpendicular to the inner corners of the frame. Screw through the corners of the frame with four screws in each corner to secure the plates 15 inches. These joints are the legs to your bank. The legs should be even to ensure that your bank does not stagger, so be sure the ends of the 15 inch boards are flush with one side of the frame before they are screwed.

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